AML Policy

Every member of who register an account on accepts the all AML Policies in Curaco and Europe Union. The registration bring the accept on these rules and policies. To sum up, members confirm do not use the Money which come from any crime on Customers can not use the for Money laundering. If any customer breaks these rules, can suspend the account and make a investigation.

Signing Up to

The rules about to signing up are described in the “General Rules and Membership Agreement” section. So that these section must be read before finish the registration. An addition is making detailed investigation about Money laundering.


A customer have to give certain and real information for registration. All the responsibility of these informations belongs the customer. It is the customer's responsibility to keep the documents and information up to date. reserves the right to confirm the accuracy and credibility of the customer's information through third parties. has the right of delete the account of customer who gives the wrong information while registration.

The minimum age of signing up is 18. And people who under 18 can not be member of If people who under 18 sign up with fake information, the money he invested and earned is deposited with the relevant authority indicated by the law and the accounts deleted.


Cepbahis is always keep the list of customer live. Every people can open only one accaount. opening multiple accounts is strictly forbidden.

Unidentified Accounts does not allow to open fictitious accounts. All accounts must be belong real persons with real informations. has a right for investigation for complex and big transfers and suspicious transaction and Money laundering.

Payment of Earnings

The payments will only be made to the personal account to which the person has transferred. The name of account must be same with payment account.

Accepting Bets does not accept the bets from the accounts with fake name. And for betting there have to be enough Money and the Money must be confirmed.

Payment Limits

Cepbahis pay the earnings to 10.000 TL without confirmation adress and ID. For over 10.000  TL payments customer have to confirm the account with documents.

Deleting Account will delete the account and make payment if customer do not use any transaction for 24 months.


Cash is not acceptable for Customers have to make deposit with these methods :

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Bank Transfer
  • Online Wallets